Colby Burnett – Jeopardy Winner

Colby Burnett:  What Is Excellent?

Colby Burnett, a high school history teacher from Oak Park, Illinois is this year’s winner of  the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions.  He was also last year’s winner of the Jeopardy Teacher’s Tournament.  In dollars and cents his winnings were $350,000.  Excellent!  But what is even more praise worthy is that Mr. Burnett a young African American male has made it past all the hurdles to win at any level on Jeopardy.  Excellent!

Now Jeopardy is not just another quiz show it is THE QUIZ SHOW that tests how well you’ve retained all the knowledge you should have gotten from a well-rounded education.  That is all. It does not prove how intelligent you are or how much common sense you have.   Pretty much a high school graduate who continues to read, regularly consumes some form of news/current events, and pays attention to popular culture should be able to answer the questions when watching the show.   But how many African Americans are able to enter the elite ranks of Jeopardy finalists and champions?

During the 80s there were allegations that Jeopardy questions were rigged in favor of female contestants. This was done supposedly to please female viewers.  Of course this was strongly disputed by host Alex Trebek.  Today some haters will choose to believe that Mr. Burnett’s wins were also engineered to please African American viewers.  Not likely.  In fact, I would think rigging in Burnett’s favor would displease the show’s mainstream audience that is certainly not African American.  There have been so few African American winners you have to wonder if the show was rigged against them.   African American Jeopardy contestants are like the African American guy in horror movies who was always killed before the middle of the movie.  At least you could say he was there!

Well Colby Burnett was there and he was the last man standing.  Excellent!   


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